Men’s Engagement Rings

mens wedding ringsModern times are changing when it comes to engagements and marriage proposals. Tradition used to dictate that the man who was in love with a woman would ask her to marry him, usually on bended knee with a beautiful ring in his open hand. However with more and more women taking on an independent role in a relationship that picture might just include a woman on bended knee.

Women are stronger and more vocal then ever before, and they know what they want. When what they want is a man to marry them, they simply don’t wait around for him to ask. They decide to jump right in and do it themselves. The question then arises, should the man be given his very own engagement ring? The answer to that is a resounding yes. Nowadays men’s engagement rings are becoming much more popular then ever before. This is the case even when men do the asking.

Men want to be included in the engagement process and women want everyone to know that their man is taken. This is why many jewelers now sell engagement rings that are specially tailored to men without looking like a plain wedding band. They are often worn on their left hand until the wedding takes place and then can either be worn together with a thinner wedding band or moved to their right hand. They cost considerably less than women’s diamond ring but hold just as much beauty and sparkle.

There is a lot of variety to these rings, including different size diamonds, settings, and metals. They can be simple or extravagant and include many of the cuts of diamonds that women have without the large setting. The diamonds are usually placed in the ring itself so it has the look of woman’s eternity band without looking too feminine. The band is usually much wider and can easily be seen as a regular ring once they get married.

One of the most popular men’s engagement rings is the impressive men’s princess cut diamond ring. It can feature up to 20 high quality princess cut diamonds with a total weight of up to 1 carat but is usually sold around ½ carat. It comes with a masculine polished band usually, with a possibility of ribbed edges to give it a thicker and more prominent look.

Another popular style is the two-toned men’s engagement ring. The diamonds can be a hammered set with white gold around the diamonds and gold on the edges. Again, this is a masculine ring with the same beauty as a dress ring.

Men’s engagement rings can be customized just as a woman’s ring would be to give them character and to fit your future husbands style. Although most men might not admit it, they want to be part of this process. They are feeling more and more left out as the woman usually takes over all the plans for the wedding. This will make them feel special and a part of the engagement period.

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